Orbital - No More?

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Orbital - No More?

Post by Mark » 01 May 2004 21:17

Have heard the news Orbital are to split after the release of the new 'Blue Album' in June.

Real shame, after 808 they are probably my most listened to artist. Let's hope that the lads are not going to follow suit anytime soon! I suppose that working with your brother for 15 years would be a bit mental!!!

Thanks to the Hartnoll borthers for some great tunes.

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Post by SteveC » 05 May 2004 15:57

Yeah, I think Id be lost without 808 and Orbitals music, as they are the only CDs that I seem to play these days.

Does anybody know if the two gigs (Brixton and Glasto) are the ONLY gigs being played this year and that NO gigs will be played around the country to promote the album.

If Brixton is the last indoor gig I wouldn't want to miss it.

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Post by nickking » 06 May 2004 01:17

Nope, they're the last two English gigs (something which the ever "reliable" NME failed to understand!). The only other gig they've announced so far is the T In The Park festival in Scotland, although others aren't ruled out at the moment.

As to other countries, well, they're more likely to be festival gigs, rather than anything else, because they don't have a record company to finance gigs for them - the "Blue Album" is being released on their own label, rather than an independent/major record label. So, who knows?


Nick ;)

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