New Artist...Opinions, please

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New Artist...Opinions, please

Post by SnowLeopardess » 23 Jun 2004 12:59

My 20 year old son has created some techno music. Here's his website

Please let me/him know what you think. Thanks!!


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Post by Boodabang » 24 Jun 2004 19:24

Hi SnowLeopardess' son,

I dl'ed and listened to every track. I really paid attention to them as I listened becasue I didn't want to just pop off a quick critique. This style of techno is not my favorite, but I can definitely make some objective observations. So for what they are worth, here are my thoughts:

These are the things that immediately stood that I did not care for:
1.)Some of the synth sounds did not fit within the composition. They were either a bit "cheesy" sounding or just did not mesh well with the rest of the sounds.
2.)The hooks/melodies were not very memorable. There wasn't something for me to "latch on to"...something that allowed me to really identify the song and set it apart from the others.

These are the things that immediately stood out that I did like:
1.) The sound quality is excellent. Mixing and balance are very clean.
2.)The drum rhythms, for the most part, were good and solid.
3.)The supporting elements of the song (bass rhythm, etc) did a good job of establishing the foundation/mood of the song.

Essentially, I feel like the lead instruments need terms of their sound and the hook being played to make the songs more memorable. Your stuff is right on the cusp, but it needs that extra little spark to really make them shine.

Keep it up and be sure to let us know when you post new material!

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