Prodigy new album

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Prodigy new album

Post by Pete » 09 Jul 2004 18:19

got my pre copy of the prodigy's new album

so after after 2 plays, opinion Very Good!

if you liked Fat of the Land, you'll love it (thankfully no keith flint on it)

starts off with the down tempo'd Spitfire (wailing female vocal into screaching vocal)

next up the single Girls (starts off in old skool hip hop beats & mc's, goes into similar beat to Smack My Bitch Up - vocals by the Ping Pong Bitches) - look out for the sample of D Train's You're The One For Me

track 3 is Memphis Bells (this has some classic prodigy sounds throughout this monster - vocals by Princess Superstar)

next up is Get Up Get Off (bit slower tempo, with i think maxim mc'ing) - didn't like this one, so i skipped it.

track 5 is Hot Ride (much faster track - riff reminds me of Fuzzmnasty - vocals by juliette Lewis)

no 6 is Wake Up Call (very similar to a 2 tracks merged off Fat & Jilted), also skipped this one, so shit review

Action Radar is next at no 7 (another screeching vocal over a mid tempo beat with whirling synth)

8 is Medusa's Path (slowest track on lp, synths and samples throughout, an instrumental at last)

9 is Phoenix (another down tempo - vocal by ?) didn't like this either much

You'll Be Under My Wheels is track 10 (very poison clone, with i rock, i roll vocal)

next at 11 is Michael Jackson's Thriller - yeh right its called The Way It Is (instrumental too) love it!

lastly at 12 is the track featuring Liam & Noel Gallagher from some little mancunian band - can't remember what they're called - named after an 808 demo track i think (anyway its called Shoot Down and thats what someone should do to Liam, only joking - this is a banger of a tune, Liam is just sounding a bit better than Keith Flint did, just a bit)

i might edit this after another listen or 2 - by the way i hear its been set back another week in august!

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Post by Mark » 12 Jul 2004 19:18

Yes, got my mitts on a copy too, its not bad, may take a few more listens to settle in, quite like the new single Memphis Bells and also like Wake Up Call. Quite a good return, wether its been worth such a long wait is another matter.

To hear a clip and have some fun with the new single try and click on the link.

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