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Postby markus » 15 Jun 2007 10:21

I agree, it sounds like a return to form.
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Postby Cobra Bora » 16 Jun 2007 17:37

Volta is a wonderful album.
I especially love "The Dull flame of Desire" - awesome.

In total I consider Volta as Bjorks third best album after Vespertine and Homogenic.
Which makes it easily album of the year so far.
Cobra Bora
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Postby Rodders » 25 Jun 2007 10:58

i'm also really into volta at the moment, much more so than medulla (which is finally growing on me). i like the tracks with anthony whats-his-name. i too consider it her third best after homogenic and post.

as for favourite bjork tracks, its gotta be hyper-ballad, and the album version (which is the howie b mix i think) of all is full of love.

and yeah, markus the comment 'bjork tends to attract some strange people', i mean i don't think i'm too weird but i was chatting to someone recently and mentioned i like bjork, and she thought i was weird just for liking her. then again, she was a big george michael fan :)
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