desperate to still find out a track's name from 1991 ?

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desperate to still find out a track's name from 1991 ?

Postby bigbadbonnar » 13 Apr 2009 01:57

hi, i posted a question on this site three years ago. i was asking did anyone have an idea of an old coming down tune. the show in question had a tune in question with the lyrics..... "so good" . ."your so good" . . . "giving me a good thing", . ."giving me a good" . .etc etc,in the back ground was very slow sythnthesiser music etc,i know this hit was massive and played very often and this tune itself was a so called coming down tune, it fades out into the other tune which is fully instrumental, very very mellow peacefull track, on this show at the end of this track , the presenter of the show says "that the last of the nights coming down music"" on the show tonight we have tim and roy" think they were part of a band called rainbow zone and were having an interview ?????? ring any bells anyone ????? im pretty sure the year in question was 1991, but was certainly between 1990/1992. been after this track for approx 15 year as it got lost the tape i had there are no words in the track, it obviously makes it very hard to indentify. surely though, someone must have half an idea ??? i know this wont really help, but at the very start of the track, its a gradual into, very calming (reminds me of the sea, waves etc). then as it gets going a bit more into the track, midwayish has lots of synthesisers . i know im looking for a needle in a haystack, but when i say im desperate to suss it out,thats an understatement. lost the tape in a car , but can still remember most of the track in my head, and it just makes me wanna one way or another track it down. if anyone can help . . . .its most appreciated !!!!

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