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808State Radio Show DJs

Postby downbeat01 » 26 Jul 2009 01:47

Howdy! I managed to get some 1992 radio shows from this site before they were deleted from it. I was just wondering who the DJ is for these shows. I wasn't able to check the shows after or before, so I was wondering if it's the same DJ later? Just wondering...

Sir Mise

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Postby nickking » 04 Aug 2009 16:28

Andy & Daz - 808 DJ's! :P


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Oh yeah, I finally found the answer...

Postby downbeat01 » 05 Aug 2009 19:26

Thanks! I had found the answer of:
Darren Partington (Daz)
by watching this documentary online about 808 State. Still, it's good to have the answer. Those are some great shows. I think the best (of what I've heard) is:
03 NOV 1992
Doesn't go downhill at 'el, no boringness or otherwise. A classic show.

BTW, there's a couple of tracks from this year that haven't been identified (that I wish I knew the names of). They're both kinda of the "Soul II Soul" variety:
Give it up for the day, and join the parade, I'm going to take you round the world.
I just can't give you up. You've captured the flame of love.
--this one kinda sounds like the Salt 'N Pepa singer.

Any help?

Oh well, back to my full time job of harrassing the Brian Jonestown Massacre band on MySpace. It's fun!

Yeah, you can check some of MY techno tracks at:

Thanks again!

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