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300 up

Postby Mark » 21 Oct 2004 16:58

I notice the 300th person has registered. Although more frequent are the 'regulars' its nice to see so many people interested enough to register!

Now lets all e-mail Rephlex and get the Quadrastate CD sorted!
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Postby PeteZarustica » 21 Oct 2004 17:50

A nice idea would ask everyone to sign the petition:


We could also make a petition on http://www.petitiononline.com/[/url]
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Postby Mark » 22 Oct 2004 19:49

errrm, we seem to have dropped to 295?

What happened there then, was I daydreaming?
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Postby markus » 22 Oct 2004 21:18

If you take a closer look at the registrations, you will notice that 9 out of 10 are spammers these days. Typically they will have usernames like and379, will have a hotmail address and will always have a link to a commercial website, often in Russia. They will never post any messages. These registrations are made by bots, fully automated. Their only goal seems to be to get as many sites as possible to link to their own site, so they can achieve higher rankings in search engines like google.

Needless to say I remove them the minute I see them, which is why most of the time you won't even notice them.

Sometime in the future I'd like to clean up the user database, as probably a couple of the 295 may be spammers too. But I will give plenty of advance-warning time :)
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