Greetings from the hippodrome

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Greetings from the hippodrome

Postby elliott » 26 May 2009 21:36

Hi all, just stumbled onto this forum and had to visit. I have fond memories of 808 state back in the day. Still have tapes somewhere in my loft lol. Used to club all over manchester and the northwest. here are a few ov my faves, wot i can remember lol

Millionaires/wiggly worm
love shack
Am still keepin the faith, it just doesnt compare to back in the day tho !

If you went to the hippodrome check us out at , We have managed to collate pics, rare rave footage and the recent demolition on video, With also a growing forum , And soon to be announced news of the reunion 4.

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Postby markus » 27 May 2009 09:46

Nice one. We've got two or three dates in the live section. Flyers always welcome, this is one:


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Postby elliott » 27 May 2009 19:15

Nice one markus, appreciate that. The flyer archive is mint. I had most ov em until my girlfreind sneakely binned em ! :( Am still devo'd . Can you believe people actually buy em now ? . My collection would ov been worth a fortune. So do you do any reunion nites on the forum?

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Postby nickking » 29 May 2009 17:22

There's a good site on the Hippodrome here (found whilst putting together the live pages) - some decent flyers on there.

Shame the flyers were binned - yeah, they still fetch quite a bit out there on ebayland - I grab 808-related ones (for the site), but there are those that buy all sorts - bit like cigarette cards, I suppose? :P


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Postby elliott » 29 May 2009 18:27

The link you posted mate was our first attempt m8 lol, we then started hippodromeravers on yahoo. we then started the website and the new forum. Like u i'm always searchin for stuff for the website, pics, flyers, videos and old regulars ov hippos for the forum. It becomes addictive / habit. We have done 3 reunions so far each one getting better. The 4th one is in its planning stages it promises to be even better.

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