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Postby Mark » 07 May 2002 13:07

There was also the superb Match Day on the Speccy, cor those were the days!!!
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Postby Pob » 09 May 2002 21:39

Manic Miner was a classic (as was JSW and JSW2 after it). Get an emulator and play it again. However, you'll wonder how you EVER played a game using the keys! Talk about aching fingers!
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Postby McBain » 21 Jun 2002 12:16

I've just been to the 'Game On' Exhibition at the London Barbican centre. Over 150 classic games all playable, from just about every genre you can imagine, on Arcade, Console, PC.. If you are going to be around london anytime up till Sept. 15th, I totally recommend you check this out!

website -


ps Us lot at ChampMan HQ get a mention too - ... _lower.jpg
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Postby PatFromCanada » 21 Jun 2002 19:45

You guys! That game that I worked on is complete and released for the Nintendo Game Cube!!! It's going to be HUGE!!

Peep this...

If you are film buffs, you should check out the Judge panel we have for the Eternal Drkness Films contest! Pretty crazy!


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Postby McBain » 24 Jun 2002 14:23

Well done PAT, I hope the game
sells well .. love the planet theme
on the website, v. cool indeed.
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