remember the song....

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remember the song....

Post by Souflex » 12 Sep 2003 13:44

and so I'm back....from some fucked up place

...ah just checked the 808 forum to see that JD's talkin like he's off his fuckin face

ah should have slapped that stupid chink, ah shoud have gave him back his green tea

if ah'd a known for just one second JD would try to talk shit better than me...

go on now go!! :P :P :D

I at least am laughing hohohohohoho....


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Post by JD » 15 Sep 2003 08:34

Your Ma's a man, she drives a transit van.

She looks like a goat, she gives deep throat.

Your Ma's a man.

Not soft mate. Just well rounded. Don't call me a fat c-u-n-t.

F-U-C-K Emoticons. Especially yours.

PS Hope the hills were steep.

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