NYE recommendations

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NYE recommendations

Postby SteveC » 10 Dec 2003 17:26

The first time in 3 years that we're not having a family gathering, which means I can go out and act crazy, but can I find anything worthwhile......NO!!

No 808 or Orbital so can anybody give some top tips as to where its happening this year, as I'm from the travelling community distance is no object :wink:

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New Years Eve :)

Postby Dr.Walsh » 28 Dec 2003 12:44

Hi Steve,

Here are a few suggestions:

Sankeys Fancy Dress Party - with Plump DJ's and Greg Vickers! :)

This should be a massive party, and so it should be for £29.00!

Vision Classix @ Denvers in Manchester, £12.00 - a good old-skool night with smiley faces aplenty! :)

'Dr.' Walsh house party in south Greater Manchester - free! You are welcome to come to a house party at mine from around 8:30pm - around 12:30pm. Music is being provided by the Silky Rainbow Sound-system, and it's the only place i can guarantee you hearing an 808 State track at midnight this year!!! :)

After that I'm joining a load of people at the Sankeys Fancy Dress party so if you're up for that aswell, make sure you're in fancy dress!!! :)

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Postby SteveC » 30 Dec 2003 17:18

Thanks for the invite Doc,

At the moment it looks like a new year at the casino tables is looking likely (practising for the forthcoming Vegas trip), but never say never.

Have a great New Year :wink:

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