What style are 808 state playing at the moment

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What style are 808 state playing at the moment

Post by beatsgoboom » 01 Apr 2007 17:39

Hi guys

I hear 808 state are gonna be playing up Inverness area next week. Id like to know what style they will be playing?



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Post by markus » 01 Apr 2007 17:53

Depends if it's a themed night (e.g. oldskool), but generally breakbeats / old-skool / classics. The 808 DJs will be playing at the Clach Club. If you can submit a flyer of the night, or point me to a website, please do. Thanks :-)
Also check out the 808 DJ page. Oh, and as it's a DJ date, I'm moving this to the 808 DJ forum.

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