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FAO Graham Massey Re: Prebuild

Postby Lee » 21 May 2007 13:51

Finally purchased Prebuild on Sat. Never bought it when it first came out as I was too occupied buying house vinyl for my DJ gigs, but wish I had of done at it's amazing.

Amayway - Thermo Kings - recorded live at the Boardwalk. It says in the sleevenotes it was recorded at the end of a Hip hop gig, and that it was the first ever 808 "performance". Does that mean this was the first ever 808 state live gig or was it literally just the first time that you, Gerald and Price ever jammed together that took place after the gig finished?

Also, according to Wikipedia, 808 were formed in Radcliffe... I always assumed it was Hulme (when Gerald was living there), so whats the Radcliffe Connection?



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Postby graham » 21 May 2007 18:12

Yes its the 1st time we did it as a trio..we may have dabbled with the gear
whilst doing other styles ,but our 1st acid performance as a group it is.
Wikipedia is never all that acurate ,Ive know idea where theyve got Radclif from..Martin was from Bolton ,I was in Levenshulme aND GERALD WAS IN RUSHOLME WHEN WE STARTED,and we started in central MCR in the studio on Tariff Street called Spirit,its now known as SSR and is still functioning.
we later used a studio in Bury called Square One,but thats the only Bury connection.
Gerald moved to Hulme later,At one point a few of us lived in Rusholme
MC Tunes lived around the corner from Gerald.I lived two doors up from Manni (stone Roses) and Jon Ronson (the writer journalist lived on thaT block too).Right near to the International 1 club.. Rusholme is known as "The Curry Mile" due to the number of asian restaraunts on Wilmslow Rd.
Darren and Andrew lived in Ancoats- which is just north of the city center.
Darrens mum used to bring us dinners sometimes it was fairly close to the studio..(catering by Betty on the back of Quadrastate)

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Postby Lee » 22 May 2007 08:37

cheers Graham. thanks for the insight (and the music!).

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