Happy 08 08 08 !!!

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Happy 08 08 08 !!!

Post by markus » 07 Aug 2008 11:00

Happy 20th Birthday 808 State! At this very moment on some Pacific islands (e.g. Christmas Island) it’s now already the 08 / 08 / 08. The last place where the sun will set into the Pacific will be Hawaii, the 808 state, 24 hours later.

So what is everyone doing to celebrate? Feels a bit strange now, I’ve been planning this date for two years and have the day off and now I’m not doing anything. Still, the alarm will be set for 08:08 tomorrow morning :)

I’m hoping Graham will supply us with a download treat.

Those who are going to Jacks, have fun! I’ll do the post celebrations next week when the 808 DJs visit Amsterdam (Megadog).


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Post by Mark » 07 Aug 2008 13:35

Yes, happy 08/08/08 to all my fellow staters.

I write the date all day at work and will be looking forward to tomorrow! I've badgered my colleagues all week telling them about this date.

Can't believe it has been 20 years, the time has gone so quickly and there are so many fond memories of hearing 808 material for the first time. I have to say that hearing Pacific for the first time was magical, the amazing Don Solaris was an album worth the wait, as was the brilliant Castlefield launch gig and of course recently we've had some delights such as Prebuild and Quadrastate.

I often think that whilst bands like Prodigy and Chemical Brothers are often sited as the main 'big' dance bands, 808 State were always one of the most original and although now more or less defunct as a recording act, have stood the test of time, which is, in my opinion a massive achievement.

Thanks to Graham for all the bonus material and contributions to the site, I don't think there are too many artists who contribute as much to their own sites like Graham does. And of course, thanks to Markus to keeping this site alive and kicking. Quite simply the goddam best music site on the web.

I am disappointed that no special arrangements have been made to celebrate the date, I have always struggled to get to 808 performances, both from a financial and travel point of view. Now I've got the nippers it's even harder. Had a date been set in Manchester I would have tried hard to get there. Still, never mind we can all celebrate in our own way. I think that my own best of CD will get plenty of hammering tomorrow.

Happy 080808 everyone!!!

Here's to 080818!

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Post by 'Steve' » 07 Aug 2008 13:55

The Jack's gig will have an extra resonance to dance fans - some of the sets are going to be based around the TR-808, still far and away the best drum machine ever! :D

I haven't listened to 808 for nearly as long as some here but still 20 years...808 were LOADS more innovative than any of the other dance groups who still survive - Prodigy, Chemical Bros...None of them got the balance of underground credibilty and popularity as right as 808 did. My friends are all really surprised that Ex:El got to number 4 in Britain and it sounds like a much more underground group could have made it.

Ultimately I still think there are about 3 or even 4 808 albums which could possibly be included in my overall top 10, probably the ultimate dance group! :D

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Post by Pob » 07 Aug 2008 16:34

Yup, happy 08/08/08 everyone. Again, disappointed that there is no official celebration but, hey, can't have everything!

808 remain my desert island band. They never fit into a single pigeon-hole because they are so innovative and are not afraid to try new things. That is probably why they went downhill from a commercial sense. They are true artists who make the music for themselves - not because they have to satisfy a record label's thirst for something with mass appeal.

They are in-touch with their fans and care what we think. Which other band would ask their fans what they would like to see included on an almost full re-release of back-catalogue? Which other band do you see handing out unreleased tracks for free? Thanks to the Globalstate webmasters we have a true 808 community.

Thank you.


(God, we're a bunch of saddos, aren't we?)

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Post by PeteZarustica » 07 Aug 2008 17:11

Happy 080808.

I've listening to Balboa over and over. I'm sad I can't make to LDN tomorrow but still I'm celebrating in my own way...

I'll be playing in Ukraine in september and the idea is to play some of my 808 mixes, including Cübik and Let Yusuf Go...

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Post by Rodders » 07 Aug 2008 18:41

Happy 08.08.08 to all!

i remember being 15 years old, at school and so much good music was coming out, pet shop boys, depeche mode, the beloved, new order.. and we all had our own band that meant collecting everything, all the 12"s, white labels, magazine articles, t-shirts.. ... Pacific was the first and only track I heard for a while but it wasn't until seeing them live supporting Happy Mondays at GMex, i can picture/hear it now.. 808 were playing and i was really into it but needed the toilet badly, and i was just about to walk out the hall when the riff from Cubik came over the PA.. i had literally heard nothing like it before, it felt like my brain was being rewired. i couldn't quite get over it (never have infact) and from that point, Saturday 24th March 1990, 808 were my band.

and who'd have thought that on 08.08.08 i'd be on a forum still discussing all things 808 with a bunch of like-minded people (sooo tempted to write nerds ;), on a website that is probably one the most well maintained, updated and lively i've ever come across. take a look through the sounds page at all the unreleased stuff and the radio shows, and you realize that nothing else like globalstate exists for any other band. markus, you deserve a knighthood mate. thank you. and extended thanks to nick and john, nick your knowledge of music actually scares me but between you all you maintain what is the best band site and forum out there.

and finally to graham, darren, andy and not forgetting martin and gerald, the reason why we're all here, all of the records, all of the gigs... thank you thank you thank you, a million times.

anyone at jacks tomorrow night, come and find me i'll get a round in and we'll party like its 08.08.08.

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Post by markus » 07 Aug 2008 21:21

Thanks for the kind words lads! :)
I suggest as soon as the 8th is upon you, playing 808 State tracks on your computer all day long and make sure your last.fm has scrobbling enabled!! :)

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Post by graham » 07 Aug 2008 21:41

happy 8080808 .
sorry we aint playing -we will make it up some how..
(marku last up load was state ritual not state to state..) enjoy.

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Post by graham » 07 Aug 2008 21:42

playing live I mean -D and A will be there.

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Post by Pob » 07 Aug 2008 21:49

markus wrote:Thanks for the kind words lads! :)
I suggest as soon as the 8th is upon you, playing 808 State tracks on your computer all day long and make sure your last.fm has scrobbling enabled!! :)
Cracking idea. Let's see if we can get 808 at number 1 of the Last FM charts! :D :D

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Post by markus » 07 Aug 2008 23:04

Special present on the sounds page! 08/08/08 in Holland now :)

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Post by PatFromCanada » 08 Aug 2008 03:20

Thank you so much for all the amazing choons we've enjoyed over the last 2 decades!!! The quality of your work could only be done by the purest of musical visionaries.

Happy Birthday to 808 state and to all the 808 nuttas!!

This is an excellent year for all of us indeed! :)


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Post by solarex » 08 Aug 2008 05:47

Happy 080808. I wish a great show for everybody going there tonight.

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Post by chets808 » 08 Aug 2008 06:13

I have only posted twice, but visit this site monthly if not weekly. Seems appropriate on 080808 to post. I am the self proclaimed biggest 808 State fan in California, a state of 30+ million people. You knew that, I am just saying, there may be others that think they are big 808 fans, do they have State to State (fan club CD #1) ?
I love music. I love electronic music. and there have been a handful of specific music experiences in my life that have profoundly affected me. The day I heard Utd. State 90 was one of them. (the other top nominee being the day I heard Selected Ambient Works 85-92).
At the time, I was working as a DJ at a college radio station in California. Needless to say, hearing 808 for the first time (in 1990) changed the way I thought about music. It made me research Moog instruments. I have bought several synths over the years and while I cannot produce anything resembling pleasing music, I own a Korg Triton Extreme and Korg Legacy controller+software. That is what 808 has done to me.
I purchased everything I could in those days and beyond with 808 on it. I have many of the early 90s singles imported from the UK. I played 808 State as much as possible on my radio shows. I made mix tapes of 808 State music and distributed them to friends who had open minds about electronic music. I am an avid 808 evangelist. While I dont own everything 808 has put out, I say my collection stacks up pretty high. Once a friend of mine's wife, who owns a dance school, asked me to make a CD of dance music for her "advanced dance class". Expecting a routine selection of Madonna and imitator type over-played radio friendly "dance" mixes, I gave her a kick ass 808 mix. That was 1996ish. She still uses it today. (another convert).
I usually dont go more than a day or two without listening to 808 music. I am forever grateful for their music. I hate them for being so damn creative, and making it sound so smooth. I am simultaneously inspired and frustrated for not being able to do 1/1000 of what they can do. I made 808 state tee shirts and gave them away to people (did not sell or make one cent off them....was not the point). That was 1992, and before the internet it was hard to track down good stuff like that. I remember going to BPM (a music store in San Francisco), driving 100 miles just to ensure I would be at a store that would have ex:el on the day it was released.
I love 808 State with a deep passion that I now realize and acknowledge will stay with me until death. Their music will never get boring too me, never sound out of date, and always remind me of fun younger days.
I could write a thesis on electronic music and it all stems from hearing 808 state.
In my opinion, Best album: ex:el. They're all good, but ex:el as a whole, as a cohesive musical journey virtually explodes with creativity and execution.
Favorite single:well, I sat here for 5 minutes. I can't pick just one. Lift, Azura, they are all just too good. The Aphex remix of Flow Coma is good too.
Other gems: Villans and Nerds, Yakuza, Diana, Fear, Booth, Goa, Chisler, there are just too many to list. I still get lost inside Nephatiti. My brother once described it as nightmare music, and then it turns into this hypnotic dream. I especially like the Joyrider B-side on the Azura single. What a great tune. I love the different bass frequencys on San Francisco and how the whole beat drives and plays off itself at once. Only someone with a subwoofer would hear that pound underneath the "regular" beat.
Well, I could go and on and on and on.
Love the State. Wished I lived in Hawaii.
my email are chets808@gmail.com and if I was into vanity plates, mine would say 808state.

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Post by SteveC » 08 Aug 2008 08:08

Happy 08:08:08. It's 8.08am in the UK, woohoo. If I'd have gone to London today the train would have gone at 8.08am, would have been doubley good. Olympics start at 8.08pm their time. Have a great 808 day. It's mentioned on the news all the time............now back to bed.

8 :D 0 :D 8

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