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Postby N.JOHNSON » 11 May 2009 09:09

Did anyone see the program on Sky 3 last night presented by Sir Alan Sugar? All about shameful things of the 80's. Acid House and Warehouse raves got a mention as did the Madchester scene. Regarding Acid house music they played D-Mob's We Call It Acieeed and 808 State's Pacific.
They might have called those things shameful but it brought back nostalgic memories of my youth. I just wish i had a time travelling Delorian to get back to 1987 and relive the best times of my life.

See y'all

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Postby markus » 11 May 2009 10:13

At least we won't have to wait for 20 years until we can call his TV show 'The Apprentice' shameful, it already is now! ;)
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Postby dee3 » 11 May 2009 12:09

Having some difficulty seeing how D-Mob's "We Call It Acieeed" and/or 808 State's "Pacific" can be a shameful thing of the 80'ies, IMHO...

Could list some other candidates for the "shameful things"-title, but I think that it's better, they remain forgotten! :D
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Postby N.JOHNSON » 11 May 2009 13:21

They didn't single out D Mob or 808. It was just music in the background to highlight the Acid era at the end of the 80's. For the Madchester section Happy Mondays' music was playing. The focus was really on House parties and the shameful thing they said was that alot of people who were gonna go to secret raves ended up getting lost on some roundabout in the middle of nowhere than actually went to raves.
It did have some cool footage of people dancin' around in baggy T-shirts with smilie faces :) on them. Ooooh the dancin', hands in the air, totally hardcore. . . You know the score! type dancin'.
The shamful thing about 1989 and the Madchester scene was people claiming they were from Manchester when they were probably from the otherside of Essex. Apparently everybody in the UK was from Manchester in 1989. Err nice one, Top, Bangin'. . 8)
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