Bands you never knew were from Manchester...

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the DJ
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Bands you never knew were from Manchester...

Postby the DJ » 20 Jan 2010 20:50

... Swing Out Sister. Whenever you hear about great bands from Manchester you never hear Swing Out Sister mentioned. I only found out today that the two founder members of the group, Andy Connell and Martin Jackson, are both from Manchester. Jackson was drummer in Magazine and Connell had played in A Certain Ratio. I genuinely didn't know this. Strangely enough, I think Swing Out Sister are doing a gig at Band On The Wall sometime next week. Just wondering, has Graham Massey ever worked with Andy Connell?

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Postby nickking » 22 Jan 2010 02:36

Dunno whether Graham has ever worked with Andy, but Andy did play keyboards on the Jane/Edward Barton album, "Jane & Barton" (relatively recently reissued on CD via Cherry Red).


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Postby graham » 30 Jan 2010 13:42

No I never did work with Andy ,but he was very impresive when he was in ACR ,I remember seeing them at a warehouse party in about 87
on Store St ,, He was using Rhodes Piano ,Clavinet ,and a Pro One.
Martin Jackson was also in Magazine (the 1st album) ,

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Postby graham » 30 Jan 2010 14:13

I was talking to Derek Johnson (Donalds brother) at the Plan K gig ,
He plays bass with SOS, or he did for years,
I once engineered some tracks for a band he was in called" Inside Out"
a Manchester jazz funk outfit who Derek was in.(1st time I came across a Memory Moog,very flash at the time.).Derek was also in 52nd Street,
The third Johnson Brother- Barry was apparently in Sweet Sensation,Who had a great respect back in 1970s Manchester as one of the few bands from Manc to make it to number One.

Pablo 808 s sound engineer (the one you see in the Gmex Video laughing about the 100K rig) was a dancer for Sweet Sensation untill he broke his back in a car crash,. I remember they had a tour Bus parked in the next street to me in Levenshulme , with Glittery costumes hung in the back,

I cant remember who the singer was from Inside Out ,But it might have been Diane Charlamagne ,who later sang with Moby?
There seemed to be a squad of singers who swapped about in those bands who all did a lot of rave records down the line.I guess a lot came from church ,Pablo definately brought Rachel Mc Farlane in as the best singer in Church,Barrington I knew from Spriit Studios and gigs at the Boardwalk, But the singers all knew each other back then, they all knew how to harmonise .

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