mixes from mid 89-mid 90

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mixes from mid 89-mid 90

Postby milton_b/burn » 22 Mar 2012 22:37

umm hi all. hope i'm not breaking any rules by postin a new topic :/ but just wanted to say i loved the spinmasters shows on tuesday nights..i lived in blackburn (still do) in a high rise flat (9th floor) and so could pick sunset fm up.
i notice the earliest mix on here is april 90..well i've got a load from mid 89 up to mid 90..( taped as the blackburn parties were in full steam) the thing is they're still on tape cassette...i'll buy a lead asap and get them done to mp3..would you guys want copys of them ??..
some of the tapes have a bit of radio interference on them but hey ho :).. i've also got a couple of the mix factory crew from when they were standing in.
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Re: mixes from mid 89-mid 90

Postby markus » 22 Mar 2012 23:10

Absolutely, happy to put up anything we haven't got yet!
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