Aren't the kids so lucky today with the net & mp3's et a

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Aren't the kids so lucky today with the net & mp3's et a

Postby Magical Dream » 27 Feb 2003 00:16

This one could perhaps be an interesting topic...
I was thinking the other day that it would have been great to have the net when I was a kid getting into 808. The net gives us great scope for d/l new tunes, buying the more obscure 808 releases that aren't in the local music store; finding info about tracks and artists and events etc. etc.

Our music libraries are now much more vast and comprehensive than ever. However are we becoming too spoilt for choice?? Are we creating a 'sonic remote control' culture??? Our kids seen to have little or no ability to concentrate for a sustained period of time - but this is exactly what we need to do to embrace 808 State. Many of the 808 tracks do grow on you, and this signifies a great track if it can do that. As a kid, I had only a few albums cobbled together with any spare cash I could lay my hands on. So I got into the 808 sound along with early Public Enemy stuff etc. As I had a small portfolio of tracks, I did listen more intently to the music. I would strongly lean on the T.V remote analogy for comparison here (hey remember having to get up to change the channel for yer da?!?!?).

Not sure what we can do here to try and put the toothpaste back in the tube - this is more of an observation rather than offering any viable solutions. 'You want style though!!!!!' is the message for the kids.

808 obviously have evolved their sounds on from the instantly anthem-esque early techno tunes. The sounds are much more mature and need unravelling; is that partly our problem of selling 808 to the masses??
Anyhow guys let me know what you all think.

Magical Dream
Magical Dream
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808 and the Net

Postby Ancodia » 27 Feb 2003 15:01

Firstly, great to know I'm not the only person in Belfast into 808, have to meet up for a beer sometime.
As for the net, if it wasn't for the internet I wouldn't nearly know as much about 808 as I do now. Considering 808 last played live in Belfast back in 1993 on the Gorgeous tour at Sugarsweet long before anyone knew there was a Homer or than Simpson. I think we all have to give a big thanks to Markus for taking over from the pitiful site Feedback created and making this site what it is today. Details on new releases, live appearances and coming soon - The Best Discography in the World Ever... vol 808. :wink:
I don't want to start into how 808 have evolved as its been argued many time over, usually when 808 receive a review stating their not as good as the days of Ninety and EX:el. :(
Do you remember cabled remote controls that everybody always tripped over?
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Postby Magical Dream » 27 Feb 2003 22:07

Yes I would say there are a few Staters here in 'Norn Iron' lol

Yes undoubtedly the net makes things happen which would be otherwise impossible, but lets hope the kids out there learn to be patient with their musical judgement and give the likes of 808 a chance - instead of coming on to kazza to only ever d/l the latest 4/4 offering from Sasha & Diggers (BTW some of their stuff is ok). 808 state tracks often need a couple of listens before you really start to appreciate them. I know I will have to listen to O.T for a bit to get it fully.
Magical Dream
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kazaa is our friend.

Postby A Gillian S » 13 Mar 2003 16:20

*waves hello to everyone*

i would argue that the internet is helps people become more exposed to new music. being in the United States, i wouldn't have had any oppurtunity to purchase O/T when it came out in japan and the U.K. i would have had to sit on my thumbs. Greater availability helps everyone. i'm in the land of *what the f*** are you listening to?* as nobody has heard of anything aside from nsync and disturbed (actually, i dont mind disturbed as much... but still). thankfully, i can quickly send them the key to their salvation via a filesend through messanger... why 808 state of course ;)
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