Live show @ In The City review

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Live show @ In The City review

Post by Dr.Walsh » 26 Sep 2003 19:23

The venue was really cool in a reclaim the streets, Tony Wilson on the legal roadblock stylee, with house sound-systems and reggae sound-systems and people dancing all down the street! :)

So, to the 808 performance. Coming on after several uninspirational indie bands wasn't the best start. There was a big up for it crowd there, many of whom I would have guessed were standing through the bog standard indie bands, waiting for 808. As soon as they came on, you could tell that 15 years on, they are still way ahead of their time, compared with many newer bands (but I suppose that isn't really saying much given the current crop of bands!).

And, to the tunes...

'Pacific' is STILL one of the tunes of all time and I'm sure is going to continue to be for a long time to come, and still sounded supremely lush and evergreen performed live. The sight of the Manc massive going off to 'Pacific' is something that I don't think I could ever grow out of! :)

'Quincy' had the Manc massive grooving in a drum n' bass stylee. :)

'Wheatstraw' sounded great aswell and got a good response from the crowd. Massive, groovy, swaying, forward thinking breaks drifted out on a lush transmission into the grey Mancunian skies. :)

'Cobra Bora', 'In Yer Face' and 'Cubik', to me, all sounded a little old and tired. '606' is perhaps one of my least favourite 808 tracks. As I've said before, to me, it sounds unfinished, and live it doesn't work for me, although it does have a top bassline.

Imo, there are over 10 tunes that I'd sooner see in an 808 live show than these 4, including 'Olympic' and more recent tunes from 'Don Solaris' and 'Outpost' such as 'Bird', 'Joyrider' and 'Suntower'. :)

It was great to see so many of the 808 family onstage including Eric and some kids, and Darrens' shout-out of 'Wakey, wakey, rise and shine Manchester' to a Manc massive in second gear brought a proper grin to my kipper! :)

Spread love all over the world! :)

'Dr.' Walsh :)

[ps: this review posted at 8.08pm - according to my computer]

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