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Post by Dr.Walsh » 29 May 2002 07:09

If there is a bird of 808 State I would suggest it would be the Hawaiin Goose (or 'Nene' as it is often called).

The Hawaiin Goose is the state bird of Hawaii, which is the 808 State.

For a short article on this bird go to:

For a fascinating article on the evolution of this bird go to: ... geese.html


Dr.Walsh (vs David Attenborough!)

PS The nearest spot for Graham, Darren and Andy to see the 808 State bird is probably Martin Mere Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve near Ormskirk, Lancashire - they have them there.

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Post by dmp » 29 May 2002 08:05

Talking of Hawaii, has anyone else seen this?... Hmmm.. that logo looks familiar! Nice gear for sale with the 808 logo in the shop, might be copyright problems though???

PS- Spotted an Extended Pleasures 12" on sale at

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