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Post by nickking » 05 Jun 2002 23:44

I'll second the talent at the gig - awash with beauties all dressed up, although not leaving *that* much to the imagination!

Those ladies dressed up in leather uniforms with caps on - wow!

Anyway, back to reality...!


Nick :wink:

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Post by PeteB » 06 Jun 2002 00:31

coloursfest, more like tottyfest - spent most of the evening outside the main arena watching the girls go in and out (along with rodders, rodders m8,steve c, neil & carlos) - nice to meet Darren outside for a chat aswell, had to direct him to Markus who was still queuing for a drink inside the arena!

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Post by JD » 06 Jun 2002 09:34

It was the ladies dressed up in feathers and thongs that did it for me! Lisa almost gave me a black eye. Has to be said that Glasgow did have some pretty good looking ladies but some right horrors too, I saw one attempting Riverdance during David Morales.

Back to my usual piss poor report. Highlights were:

Sister Bliss being shite. I could mix better with my arse.

Cobra Bora - Markus jumping up and down and shouting over to me. Best track of the night.

Techno City - Surprise of the evening. True to the original.

Doctors and Nurses - Live favourite. chunky and funky.

Pacific - The crowd realised who 808 are.

Quincy - Hard, fast and dark. Dirty.

In Yer Face - Yeah!

Cubik - Everyone went f***in mental.

Eric - Had me and the chappie with the duck pissing ourselves. Did you make friends with that lady with the black and red hair?

Can I just say that the sound was mediocre but the worst thing was the lack of lights, lazers and graphics. When you compare what Seb Fontaine and Tall Paul got it was pretty shabby not to do anything for most of 808. I think more visuals would have grabbed and held the attention of the young crowd as, lets face it, neither 808 or their fans are getting any younger or prettier. Maybe some choreographed, young female dancers in thongs and feathers too?

Anyway, great night. Roll on the new album cos I can't remember any of the new songs played.


PS Gary sending you mail.

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Post by markus » 06 Jun 2002 19:02

Got my photos today, the gig ones are absolutely useless. Now all hope is on you, John Ancodia. Not having a zoom was one of my problems, the other that the battery of the flash was just about empty...
Did get a nice one of the globalState crew, a good one of SteveC (for the regulars page)and a good one of John's ManU 808 shirt. To be published asap.

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Post by Carlos » 06 Jun 2002 23:35

I wass mighty impressed with the 808 set considering I haven't been to that many gigs. But I'm sure there will be many more gigs in the future that I can attend.

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Post by PeteB » 07 Jun 2002 02:00

probably the best set i've seen since G-Mex '91. every tune was pucker (doctors & nurses is still a grower on me - need to hear the track properly)

PLEASE PLEASE keep ERIC dancing on live gigs, he's the man to get the crowd going!

Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor » 07 Jun 2002 09:58

Good to hear the gig rocked; i had a feeling it would be a tough one following a 'superstar' DJ. Truth is, the young crowd who are following these DJs, are only doing the 'rave' thing that most of us here were doing 10 years ago: it's up to acts such as 808 to continue educating the scene that they helped nurture...

Was excited to hear about a dubbed out (housier?) version of Pacific, which i've been banging on about for ages - i never liked the fast breaks version, so cant wait to catch this live... :smile:

Also; does anyone have a sharper memory about the new tracks? Still none the wiser about those! And what about the 'new technique of live playing' Markus mentioned in the News section - anyone notice the changes?


Post by Guest » 07 Jun 2002 18:15

Just like to say thanks to everyone that's written colourfest reports .. mmm like the sound of those thong'n'feather girls .. mm like the sound of a kickin' 2002 Cobra Bora more though :smile: Wonder if it will see the light of day as a bonafide release?

*McBain kicks himself for missing a rocking night*

Cheers 808'ers :grin: :grin:


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Post by McBain » 07 Jun 2002 18:17

.. the above post was from McBain!

ps Wiiiiiihooo we beat the Argies!!

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Post by Ancodia » 08 Jun 2002 14:14

Well I've now got my photos and there are some really great shots. I also have quite a few shots of Danni Minogue and Alison Limerick's Finale (Where Love Lives) which included the four dancers in the feathers(Yeah Baby!). And the shots in the Bar at the Travel Inn are clear as day. Should have them scanned in very soon and off to Markus. I have about 70+ shots covering the concert so I'll keep it to the highlights.

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Post by markus » 11 Jun 2002 22:09

Thanks for all the reports so far. I’ll try to compile all of them into one report together with images and scans in due time. My report mainly focuses on stuff that hasn’t been mentioned yet:

It was a long day of waiting, but as midnight approached, Tall Paul cleared the decks and the stage opened for 808 State. Clearly 808 had the headliner timeslot, even though Danii was officially the main act on the posters. One thing that immediately sprang into my eye was the lack of visuals on the big screen behind the stage. Why was it turned off when 808 started? It had been working all night and was turned on again straight after 808 had finished. Bizarrely the visuals used for almost all other acts included the Transambient DVD. Even the video ‘Macrobiotic’ (used for the 808 track on transambient) was on screen during Sister Bliss’ set. Without the screen, the 808 stage looked a bit colourless as there weren’t too many lighting effects (and no 808 laser show).

808 surprisingly kicked off with Cobra Bora. It was soon clear that Graham had been listening hard to our wishes on the message board and boy did I go mental when the words “Welcome to Techno City” pounded through the arena. The lads were in good spirit and it was a different story compared to the Dundee gig six months ago. Hearing all those classic 808 tracks and seeing Eric (alas no fan or mirror ball) dancing on stage took me straight back to the old days, marvelous. The only thing besides the lack of visuals that I found slightly disturbing was the needle jumping on Darren’s decks while he was scratching. Don’t know if he noticed. There had been no sound check prior to the gig.

After the gig I briefly saw the boys. Andy had the flu as ever, Darren headed to a warehouse rave and Graham (pouring with sweat) drove off to a hotel in order to get some sleep as he had to get up early to catch a flight to London for a Homelife gig.
Drummer Mikey mentioned that he couldn’t hear a thing on stage that he had been playing but thoroughly enjoyed the gig – I could only confirm that it had been a pleasure watching him at work.
When a Scottish promoter started a rather uncomfortable discussion with me, I decided it was time to leave (Nick tried to convince me later that the bloke actually liked me – drunken Glaswegian humour apparently). :smile:

Big respect to the globalState firm making their way to Glasgow:
Neil Tartan Army, Nick King, Rodders + mate, Steve C, Pete + Carlos, Geordie Ian + mate, John Ancodia McBride + mate, JD + mates, myself and new man Oggy. Great to finally meet Geordie Ian and John Ancodia in person.
After two Scottish dates in a row, I think most of us wouldn’t mind a different country for the next 808 gig venue though…

A final word about the festival:
Where the promoters trying to recoup the lack of ticket sales by charging £2.50 for everything? £2.50 for essentially half a pint of beer or a bottle of water. £2.50 for the cloakroom. Why even the set list (with errors) had to be purchased at £2.50!

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Post by Rodders » 12 Jun 2002 12:37

Rich TDT - re: the new technique of live playing - things looked pretty similar on stage, Andy was behind a couple of keyboards, Graham played quite a lot live (moog lines etc.) plus guitar etc., Daz on bongos & decks (& yes the needle did jump quite a few times) and drummer Mikey. I think Andy triggers off all the tracks, from what I understand they've recorded the new album using Pro-Tools (never used it before) so I would guess they are also using this for live sequencing, this would be the 'new technique'. Although it may be boring for others I would be very interested to know exactly how they do the live thing...

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Post by markus » 20 Jun 2002 22:55

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