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Post by PatFromCanada » 21 Jun 2002 19:41

Thanks for posting the photos on the site mate Markus! (was Andy camera shy?)

It's cool to see them for some of us that never get the chance to be there.

Looks like it was quite the production. I wish I was there to witness the live elements that 808 installs lately with the Drums and the rest.

Sitting here just too eager for any new material.

It's too bad the Dannii Minougue was a main act. Aside from some old house 12" I have of hers, I think she's as pointless as a screendoor on a U boat. Now Kylie... she's the bee's knees! :cool:


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Post by Rodders » 21 Jun 2002 21:44

both me and dave really enjoyed danni's set.

(her lungs not her songs, mind)

actually one of her tracks wasnt too bad until she started warbling over the top.

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