US College Radio interview 10 October 1991

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US College Radio interview 10 October 1991

Postby markus » 14 Aug 2005 11:56

Lionel D has submitted an 808 interview by Lance Davis from station WFWM 91.7 Frostburg State University, Maryland, USA. This was made during one of 808s US tours in October 91. Graham, which gig was this?
The broadcast includes the Facially Yours Mix of In Yer Face (as on the OptiBuk DVD). Full tracklist:
Lift (Heavy mix),
Pacific (212),
Leo Leo,
Ooops (Utsula Head mix),
Magical Dream,
Techno Bell,
Cubik (Kings County Dub),
Open Your Mind (Sound Garden mix),
Donkey Doctor,
In Yer Face (Facially Yours Mix).
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US College Radio interview 10 October 1991

Postby De Lillie » 23 Sep 2005 23:23

Hi all

Chris Moon (Moonlanding) actually found the tape. It is the original recording made by the interviewer. Thanks to ProperOldskool for the sterling clean-up job.
De Lillie
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