Orbital to play Glastonbury and details of singles album...

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Postby nickking » 04 Apr 2002 18:07

from nme.com:

Orbital have previously announced two open-air shows at London's Somerset House (June 21-22), and have now confirmed they will headline the 'Other' stage at this year's Glastonbury (June 29).
The Hartnoll Brothers will precede their appearance at the event with the release of a Greatest Hits album, 'Work 1989 - 2002' on May 27 via FFRR.
The album is a retrospective collection which starts with 1989's classic 'Chime' and includes a new track 'Frenetic'.

Also, from Loopz (Orbital site):

Orbital are to release 'Work' on the 27th May, a restrospective collection
from 1989 - 2002. This will be preceded on the 20th May with 'Rest' and
'Play', which will include a brand new track 'Frenetic' and a new mix of
'Chime' entitled the Live Style Mix.

Tracklisting for Work :-

Satan Spawn
Nothing Left
Are We Here?
The Box
Funny Break

Hmmm... Glastonbury? I'm off to Amsterdam a day later...


Nick :wink:

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Postby Pob » 04 Apr 2002 19:28

Orbital can do no wrong (except a few tracks on The All Together). But a best of..? I know I got 808:88:98 but it was a present.
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Postby nickking » 04 Apr 2002 22:22

Yeah, that's true - the reason for the best of is that they've left London Records now, hence the 'Greatest Hits'.

Your best bet is to buy the new single (featuring a new version of the Golden Girl's "Kinetic" aka "Frenetic") and what promises to be a superb version of Chime (if it's similar to the one played last year).

Anyway, that's now 4 gigs in June - 808 State, New Order, and Orbital (x2) followed by a much needed holiday in Amsterdam at the beginning of July!!


Nick :wink:
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