DTroit The art, music & culture of the motor city

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blue jammer
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DTroit The art, music & culture of the motor city

Post by blue jammer » 01 Jul 2004 15:02

There's an exhibition on at Urbis 20th May - 18th July 2004.

Which includes The Sounds Of Two Cities, a video project by Elliot Eastwick.

The cities of Manchester and Detroit have many musical similarities, from the Northern Soul movement of 70s which adopted the Soul sounds of Urban Detroit, to the DIY nature of the early Detroit garage rock bands who influenced Manchester's punk era, the techno influences of the city on Manchester¹s club scene, which is still evident today. Both cities are renowned for emotive raw music that echoes the cityscape.

Eastwick's video explores the influence this huge catalogue of Detroit performers and music producers has had on artists from Manchester.

Featured are interviews with Manchester legends including The Hollies, Graham Nash, Carl Craig, Johnny Marr, 808 State's Graham Massey, Anthony Wilson, The Doves and many more. Look through the 'hall of fame' to see musicians from both cities, Iggy pop, Alice Cooper, George Clinton, New Order, Stevie Wonder, Morrisey....the list goes on, the beat goes on....and on.

If you can't make it down, Piccadilly Records have this in stock:

DTroit : Exhibition Catalogue £7.50 Limited and numbered to 1000.

The official catalogue for the Dtroit art, music and culture exhibition at Manchester's Urbis Centre, a full colour booklet featuring profiles on the artists involved. It also includes a DVD with interviews from Elliot Eastwick's The Sounds Of Two Cities film, an exploration of the musical connections between Manchester and Detroit. Hacienda DJ Mike Pickering, 808 State's Graham Massey, the Smiths' Johnny Marr and Wigan Casino DJ Richard Searling talk about their influences and experiences.


I will convert the interviews and feature them as downloads on 'aural delights' from 19th July 2004 onwards.

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Post by nickking » 01 Jul 2004 21:54

Yeah, it's a nice DVD - well worth getting if you can't visit the exhibition.

Graham's interview is about 25 minutes in length, and definitely worth the price of the catalogue/DVD on it's own.


Nick ;)

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Post by Supraset » 08 Sep 2004 20:14

I'd like to get my hands on this... wonder if they ship to the states.... wonder if the DVD will play in mine???

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Post by markus » 08 Sep 2004 20:51

There's a link to Picadilly records in the message above yours, naturally they ship to the US. And then there's a link in the 808 news page (30 Jun) to the actual museum shop, mentioning that they ship internationally. I've just set my DVD player to region 1 and you'll be happy to know the DVD plays fine. Now buy it, it's limited to 1'000 :)

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Post by Supraset » 08 Sep 2004 21:04

Yes I prolly could have answered my own questions sorry bout that, but thanks for the info!!

Sounds like a good deal.

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