808 State - State To State 2 (Reissue)

808 State - State To State 2 (Reissue)

UK 2011 Digital; <no cat>

01. 05:40 Relay
02. 04:49 Long Orange
03. 06:02 Kong King
04. 07:21 The Ten Ten
05. 05:41 Cassius
06. 04:39 Hooked
07. 05:45 Fuzz Nasty
08. 04:27 Villains And Nerds
09. 07:12 Quincy's Lunch (PWL Long)
10. 05:04 Banacheq (Live)


19th December 2011.


808 State released this second archive collection as a bonus disc with the DVD 'OPTIBUK' on the ZTT Label in 1998. The Material is taken from 1994 to 1998 from recordings at PWL studios in Manchester. Much of the material was performed live around this time with some cuts being incorporated into their next official album Outpost Transmission in 2002. Contains two bonus tracks. 808 atlas logo by John Walsh.


Recorded and mixed at The Woolhall Studios, Bath Nov 94. Mixed by Al Stone & 808 State. Vox Continental organ, Fender Stratocaster guitar, pocket trumpet, Akai sampler, Gibson Firebird bass with Korg g50 bass synth processor, Mini Moog synthesizer, Roland TR909 and JD800 drums.


Recorded and mixed at PWL Studios, Manchester April 1997 by Jason Barron & 808 State. Memory Moog/Mini Moog, ARP 2600, Sequential Circuits Pro One & Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizers, Akai sampler, Roland TR 909 drum machine, Denon rhythm box.


Recorded and mixed at PWL Studios Manchester May 1997 by Jason Barron & 808 State. Soprano saxophones with Korg Vocoder, Vibraphone, Fender Bass, Mellotron strings, Akai sampler, Korg Prophecy, Roland TR 909 & Quasimidi 309 drums.


Recorded and mixed at PWL Studio, Manchester May 1997. Memory Moog, Mini Moog, ARP 2600, Oberhiem 4 voice & Korg Prophecy synthesizers. Akai sampler/voice to Boss G5 guitar processor. Roland Juno 106 & Jupiter 8 Synthesizers, TR909 drums.


Recorded and mixed at PWL May 1997 by Jason Barron & 808 State. Soprano saxophones, Trombones, Korg Vocoder. Moog Opus3 organ, Akai sampler, Mellotron flutes. Roland JD 800 sub bass, Memory Moog. Roland TR 909/ Quasimidi 309 drums.


Recorded and mixed at PWL May 1997 by Jason Barron & 808 State. Oboe, Danelectro Baritone Guitar, Akai sampler, Fender bass guitar, ARP Odyssey Synthesizer/Mac Voice/TR 909 drum machine.


Recorded and mixed at PWL October 1997 by Jason Barron & 808 State. Gibson Les Paul guitars, Fender bass guitar, Bentley Acetone organ, Alto saxophone, Akai sampler/Mini Moog & Roland Juno 106 Synthesizers/TR909 drum machine/Casio VL Tone. Colin Seddon plays Drum Kit.


Recorded and mixed at Testa Rossa Studios Manchester May 1998. Mixed by Andy Drelingcourt & 808 State. Baritone saxophones, Oberhiem 4 voice Synthesizer, Akai sampler, Voices, Casio CZ 101 organ/Waldorf Microwave XL, Roland TR 909 and Quasimidi 309 drums. James Ford plays drum kit.


Recorded and mixed at PWL October 1997 by Jason Barron & 808 State. Mini Moog, Memory Moog, Oberhiem 4 Voice, Roland, JD800 Synthesizers, Denon rhythm box, Akai sampler, TR 909 Drum Machine. Emu Vintage Keys & Oberhiem Matrix 1000.


Desk recording from LA 2 (Astoria 2) London 5th February 1997. Graham Massey - Bass Guitar and Moog Liberation synthesizer. Andrew Barker - Samplers and Keys. Darren Partington - MC, percussion pads and decks. Colin Seddon - drums.


Original release here.