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by wiselteats
11 Sep 2003 08:45
Forum: Music
Topic: The death of superclubs and superstar djs
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Amen and toodles....

The superstar DJ thing.. what can you say. It was what it was. There were some good and bad.. mostly bad out of the bunch. Keoki, DJ Irene, Markski to name just a few, however, I have seen some high priced superstar DJ types- Swen Vath, Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk who really did take it to another level ...
by wiselteats
02 Sep 2003 07:10
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: I just bought gorgeous, again
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Yeah I know what you mean....

:wink: I know what you mean- my disc is hashed.. lotta mileage outta that CD. Most definitely a classic in my book. I was fortunate to see them in 1993 on that tour when they hit the states with Meat Beat Manifesto (Austin, TX)- what a double treat that was! Meat Beat Manifesto really put on a show ...