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by danman
25 Feb 2012 17:59
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Topic: 808 State - State to State 3 - New Digital Album
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Re: 808 State - State to State 3 - New Digital Album

After a couple of months to digest the album I rate it 7/10 (EX:EL is 10/10), my favorite track is Psalm, it's f**kin gorgeous! Has the vocalist done other stuff I could hear? His voice reminds a bit of the vocalist from the 80's band Black who had a hit with 'Wonderful Life'.
by danman
16 Nov 2011 16:55
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: Disappointed with Remastered/Double CDs
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Re: Disappointed with Remastered/Double CDs

As an avid fan its easy to be disappointed, we want as much as possible. Its great news that they are planning to sell their archives online, and this means we all get the tunes we want. If the free downloads on this site so far are any indication of quality, there's a lot to look forward to. Some o...
by danman
09 Sep 2003 18:43
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: FIRECRACKER blues
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I had same trouble, I still own the track ,but its on vinyl and I have no record player and wanted to hear it some more. It seems to be rare but your best chance of downloading it is on Soulseek thats where I got it from. Ps Im thinking its alright to suggest this as he did say he bought it in the p...