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by mayday
24 Dec 2002 10:12
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: Fave album poll is now working, please vote.
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I don't consider the "Heights" album as an 808 state one.
I think you should exclude it from the voting pole.
That's why nobody voted it actually. Of course 808 state had a contribution on it but it primarily sounds as the work of MC Tunes.
by mayday
11 Apr 2002 18:49
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: opti-buk dvd
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I just bought the opti-buk dvd. It is really worth the money. Does anybody can recognize what is the last mellow tune heard at the closing of the "G-mex live" video (end of chapter 3 - 11:30 min). I haven't heard it before.
I would appreciate if somebody would help me