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by Rodders
14 Apr 2002 17:53
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: Un .. Savoury .. Products
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there's nowt wrong with peter gabriel & genesis, that's the music i listened to when i was growing up, and i've turned out ok :wink:
by Rodders
10 Apr 2002 22:31
Forum: Music
Topic: news article about techno etc.
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found this which you may find interesting:
by Rodders
10 Apr 2002 22:26
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: 808 colours setlist
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well well isn't this shaping up to be a large one?

Requests?! flow coma (as if), insane lover, cobra bora, bond (with doughty)
by Rodders
07 Apr 2002 08:20
Forum: Music
Topic: 24 hour party people
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Watched this on Friday, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Pacific State doesn't appear in the film BUT Voodoo Ray does (briefly).
by Rodders
04 Apr 2002 22:48
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: 808 @ Colours?
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Balls, theres no flights at all from East Mids to Glasgow. Looks like I'm driving!
by Rodders
02 Apr 2002 22:23
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Swanky new 'discussion forum'
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not really got owt to say, just thought i'd try out the new "forum".