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by McBain
11 Apr 2002 17:51
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: Vinyl version of new album
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Hear hear.

I love my LP Ex:El .. very DJ friendly and also you get a nice big 12" sleeve to go with the others.
However, slicing tracks off the vinyl version that make it onto the CD a la Olympic and Stormin' Norman .. not nice.

Lets have another Disco Disc!! :grin: :grin:

by McBain
07 Apr 2002 19:01
Forum: Music
Topic: 24 Party People
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Hi guys,

Just seen 24hr pp, hey not bad. Shame pacific didn't feature though..
I did spot the special thanks to Graham Massey in the end credits though, come on you 808! :grin:

by McBain
04 Apr 2002 09:56
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: 808 @ Colours?
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Sounds like we've got an 808er outing going on. Certainly I'll be up for it.. hmm, maybe I should get my 808 t-shirt order in to Pete!

McB :cool:
by McBain
01 Apr 2002 23:49
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Swanky new 'discussion forum'
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Hear Hear, good looking board you've set up here Markus me old mucker.


Fear the Future dudes.