Olympic State Original Mix

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Olympic State Original Mix

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i just bought a copy of the promo vinyl containing this mix [SAM 702], from gemm.com. Good to finally have it, a decent track - although i guess i was disappointed how little it varied from other versions! I thought it would be much more stripped down....

Also [finally] got the Tommy Boy release of the Pacific 12". I dunno why thats taken me so long to get round to, its not even rare. There were two mixes i'd never heard - "Break" and "516". Pacific Break didnt prove that special at all, although 516 was a nice sureprise - it combines some elements that none of the other mixes managed to combine {like, bits from the UK and US mixes together}. Still, however, i cant figure out why there are so many versions floating around. Not that i'm complaining - one of the best tracks ever :wink:


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