Hazy Dayz Easter's Sweet! 26-03-05

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blue jammer
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Hazy Dayz Easter's Sweet! 26-03-05

Post by blue jammer »

Hello there!

Been a lot going on in past 3 months, phew

My site got pulled, and ran into a load of hassle, so binned it off, also scrapped the forum software phpbb as to be honest, it's poo! I attempted to migrate the users/posts to new forum software and only the admin/posts were done succesfully, so lost 750 users. Have now started again from scratch.

http://www.0161.info is the new home, and the files that were previously available to members, will be back online later this week, with also lots more to come, as now have 4gig to play with, wit woo.


On with the info:

808 State are back again for the 2nd time at Hazy Dayz in March. Last time they played there it was a fantastic night, so can't wait for it myself!

Also on the night, I'm playing an hour (as DJ Rhythm) of some tasty treats, if you fancy it, get tickets soon as they'll be selling fast :o)

Also please be there before 10pm if you can, to avoid being 'locked out' as they had to shut the doors by 10pm last time :P


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Post by PeteZarustica »

I'll do my best 2 be there
hmmm liverpool...k

all the best

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