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I was listening to 808 States The Only Rhyme That Bites recently and thought the violins
in it sound very similar to the ones used in The KLF's Last Train To Trancentral. Do you
know if they are the same violins and if so who sampled who?
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Post by Mark »

The only ryhme that bites uses a sample from big country, but I don't reckon its sampled on Last Train....could be wrong though.

Not sure which came out first actually, I think The Only ryhme... was released first.
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Post by toneee »

howzit goin....I was wondering if u know what the name of the sample violin riff is in the only rhyme that bites by 808 state vs MC Tunes?
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Post by markus »

Mark is right, it's from the movie 'The Big Country' mail title I think and was used by KLF too and erm, Atomic Kitten.
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Post by toneee »

"The Big Country" theme by Matovani it is indeed...!!!!
yay!!!!!...Thanx Guys your the best!
Toneee. ~.~
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Post by Rodders »

i don't think they're the same violins as the KLF.. the original riff sounds like it was just done on a synth, when they did the chart version of 'Last Train' they added the violins..

...although it's another 808 / KLF connection, what with the 'Lift' and 'Last Train' videos each featuring cheeky shots of the other bands logo etc.

I remember reading in the Daily Mirror about a planned gig with 808 and KLF.. that would've been awesome.
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