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Ancodia wrote:P.S. Just a couple photos to follow, they'll probably appear on various MySpace pages before then.
Will they appear with Bloom photos? :)

Set now on BBC Radio 1 archives for a week. See this topic.
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Ancodia sent this one:

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A nice review here:

"But the real action starts with the first live set of the evening from MASSONIX (by which time, thankfully, a good few latecomers have poured in) and it’s a good 15 minutes or so into the set – as the gentle swirl of organic sounds reminds me of Ninja Tunes act Homelife - before I start to twig what (or rather, who) I’m watching. Join the dots here - Homelife is one of the many side projects Graham Massey (formerly of techno chart-botherers 808 State) keeps himself busy with these days....and doesn’t that look like a slightly gnarled, weather-beaten Massey on his lonesome behind the Apple laptop? Mass-onix? So the penny drops. Quite regardless of this, however, it’s a fascinating and expansive dance music – an odd swirly and occasionally smoky mix of nice textures akin to Plaid’s more laidback moments or Squarepusher’s more plausible ones, the neat visuals giving more than a passing nod to Coldcut. It’s largely undanceable (although great fun), at times incredibly lush, sweeping and cinematic and at other times pounding with a tribal intensity. Terrific (and very clever) stuff."

Not bad, actually! :)
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Is there anyone willing to do me a copy of the Massonix and LFO set + the Toolshed Breezeblock tracks?

I will send P&P and I am willing to part with some money or swap some material in return.

I have been listening to my crap recording of it - what a quality set. Love the track Padstar. Hoping that Padstar and perhaps Custard Tank is included on the 12". Mr.Massey is there any chance we can have a download on your myspace site of the live tracks: 1.Axxe Murder and 9.Boonadawn for those of us that couldnt make the night to hear what the tracks are like and to add them to the breezeblock session to make it complete?

The myspace downloads have been great so far - like the fact that you update them often - and they are of good sound quality (a lot of established artists just have bad sound quality/back catalogue tracks and not much new material). Hope that the 808 State material keeps coming to the site - much needed by us 808 fans (had some great tracks on the site so far).

Anyway hope someone can help
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I've opened a new topic for the 2007 Warehouse Project (in the music forum, as there seems no 808 involvement) :
So please use that topic for any 2007 comments.
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