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Could anyone do me a favor and post a track by track review of Outpost Tranmission on here? I have no idea what the new album songs will be like, hopefully it's more like the early-90's 808 state. I have to admit that they have gotten a little weird lately and put out songs that I haven't really enjoyed. Thanks for any review attempts.

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hey there brett, its sid chip here.

if you like gorgeous you'll love the new album, i can do a copy for you for $20 if thats ok with you?

long live la luz

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sid chip again here.

here's the review of OT...

1, 606 (probably the best track on the album) is very tasty with vocals from simian,

2, chopsumwong is very gorgeous sounding,

3, wheatstraw is a top tune, nice & hard,

4, boogieman is another dancy tune very funky then goes mad half way through,

5, roundbum mary is very 90 sounding, large backside of a tune,

6, lemonsoul is very fruity, mellow with vocals from guy garvey,

7, suntower gets hotter the higher it goes, very don solaris sounding,

8, dissadis very quadrastate,

9, bent is a tribute to erasure, pet shop boys & soft cell,

10, souflex is about a scottish man who lives in holland & annoys everyone,

11, crossword puzzled me when i first heard it, got there in the end,

12, lungfoo has very oriental flavour to it,

13. slowboat speeds up as it goes then sinks at the end,

14, yoyo is an up and down tune, very nice

there you go brett, thats only a taste of whats to come!
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What the f**k?

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I though souflex sounded the most interesting out of the lot:grin:

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Nice review Mr Chip whoever you are.

A play on words so to speak.
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Come on Mr. Baker, own up...

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Nice review, useless but witty. I'm thinking that the new album will have lower production values and pure shit.
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Post by nickking »

You think, but you don't know?

Define 'pure shit' - track by track review would be nice...


Nick :-?
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Who the f*** are you anyway? Either you've heard it or not?

I'm not a die-hard arse licking fan - if tracks are 'shit', I'll say so as I have before...but I'd hesitste before making a twat of myself and critiscising something i've yet to hear!!!!!
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