80808080808 sampled on ol' school tune

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80808080808 sampled on ol' school tune

Post by solarex »

The x-ray ears has made yet another sample spot.

Check out Nitrous "Moonwalk" from 1990.


Check out the sounding of the synth on the main melodyline. It is exactly the same as the intro on 80808080808 and it cannot be a coincidence. Also it is notisable, that the line is played on a sampler and not a synthesizer.

Samples the reverbed bass sound of Pump Up The Jam as well.

Apperently the man behind it is DMC mixman Mike Grey who also released under names Greed and Tinman.

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Post by PeteZarustica »

Well spotted,

also, 0:23 seconds on and you hear another sample - way in the back...

and on the other side we have Happy Mondays' Hallelujah and Kraftwerk The Robots.

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Post by PatFromCanada »

Crikey!! That's pretty much a straight up remix!

Wow that was very cool to find! Crazy how they got away with how direct that sample was. Ah the free ninety's!


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