interview with andy barker

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mad cyril
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interview with andy barker

Post by mad cyril »

found this canadian interview with the ginger turntable terrorist if anyone's interested. (from a few weeks ago). ... usic1.html

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Post by Ian »

Good interview. I agree about the whole thing of people going out to big commercial superclubs in designer outfits snorting coke and drinking alco-pops and all the rest of it. Clubbing should be about going out with your mates and letting yourself go, hearing some good tunes not worrying about what DJ is on or whether your clothes fit in with the trendy crowd. Too many of these wankers in clubland these days, and far too many dodgy mohicans and mullets. And what's with all these designer-punk clothes as well? I thought punk was about anti-capitalism, anarchy and all that, not spending £250 on a pair of ripped jeans and £25 on a Toni & Guy haircut. I'm getting off my soap box now.. ;)

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