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synths and stuff

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'You could go off to the toilet and no one would notice.' - Andy still does! :P

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Powerful stuff. Wonderful stories. True love.

I just appears to me, how Olympic (a true masterpiece) is perhaps recorded using 5-8 difference synths. Warm sounding paying brilliant contrast to the sharp and steady drum machine beat.

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Brilliant read, very insightful, thank you Graham!

In particular I loved the Dr Techno bit. Very surreal it must have been to have a synth round up scout digging stores in Canada and the US for bits of old gear you could use. I bet if he was in Toronto as you said he hit up Songbird Music on Queen Street. My personal favortite, now gone with history.

After reading this article I supposed I could consider myself a 'gear porn' addict. LOL!!

Peace from fekkin' bitter cold Canada! :-?

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