ex:el 'deluxe' edition

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ex:el 'deluxe' edition

Post by dmp »

Bought this as it ex:el was the first record I ever bought and IMO the best 808 ever done, however I've got a gripe with CD2, it says they are 'rare/unreleased' editions of tracks, but I reckon I already have all of them and they aren't all that 'rare' or 'unreleased':

In Yer Face (Facially yours mix) - This was on the Japan CD, so OK maybe 'rare'-ish.

Olympic (Euro Bass) - Again, rare-ish but it was on the Japanese 8Tracks Cubik/Olympic/Pacific which I always remember was widely available in HMV and the like.

Lift (Heavy Mix) - Was this not on the 12" UK release?? Pretty sure it was.

Cubik (State to Pan Am Mix) - Was on the Tommy Boy Cubik CD, again widely available before.

Open Your Mind (Sound Garden) - Was on the UK & US Lift 12" & CD.

Lambrusco Cowboy (Alt Mix) - This is more like it!

Ski Family - B-Side of Ooops.

Ooops (Mellow Birds) - Was on the UK Remix 12" and the US release.

In Yer Face (Cheadle Royal) - Was this not on the UK 12"???

Olympic (Unreleased mix) - This sounds very like Olympic (August 90) which was on the CubikOlympic808Remix 12", might be wrong but it's as close to the original mix of Olympic as makes no difference!!!

I realise it's ZTT and not 808's fault here but looking at that list, the majority are neither rare nor unreleased.

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Post by nickking »

Well, I guess it depends on whether you buy Japanese CD singles or not! :P


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Post by Mark »

I was mightily disappointed with the bonus material on all discs. Agree with your post about ex:el in particular.

The tracks are good for non 808 collectors who are perhaps listening for the first time but there was precious little extra for us long-time fans.

Good job we have the globalstate tracks and the state 2 state discs have been a great idea. Still waiting for vol 3 but think it might be a while.....

I'm just greedy for unheard 808, there must be a load of unreleased stuff kicking around in Graham's archives, although he does treat us well, and not many other bands are as generous.

Frustrating to know that new material from the band (still in existence in one form or another) is never gonna happen. Mind you any collaboration with Graham and Gerald would be well received I'm sure :wink:

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Post by Pob »

For me, it was Gorgeous that had the most new stuff.

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