Nice review of O/T in Muzik Mag!

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Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Nice review of O/T in Muzik Mag!

Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor »

Just picked up Muzik mag in Smiths today, which includes the following review by Duncan Bell:

"After spending a period out of fashion comparable to that of deely boppers, 'Outpost Transmission' should remind many of how great 808 State once were, and could be again. Too mature to get big-fish and little-fishing these days, the men who invented British techno with 'Newbuild' and 'Quadrastate' deal nowadays in complex ambience, mixing analogue and digital sounds on cybermen's cocktail jazz piece 'Chopsunwong' and the album centrepiece 'Suntower'. There's no 'Pacific State' or 'Cubik' here, and we'd like to make it clear that this is a good rather than great album, but it explores enough new ground to suggest that these Manc heroes' best days may just be ahead of them rather than behind them."


There's also a mini picture of the cover - deep red graphics with "808STATE" written in large type...nice!

Pretty good review, approached from the right angle (although I cant say I agree/disagree until I've heard it.) Last lines are quite intriguing though? :wink:

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Post by PeteB »

someone check out FRONT mag, theres a review in there of OT, someone told me they've given 7 out of 10.

by the way booked my tickets for next friday -woo hoo

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