Crappest 808 tune

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Crappest 808 tune

Post by Pob »


Dave asked:
Incidentally without putting the mockers on the new album-does anyone have an 808 tune that they erm...can't really get into ??
on the fave album poll. I thought it warranted a new thread.

I hate Sexy Dancer from Gorgeous.

Just had to say it!
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Post by Mark »

I'd have to agree, Sexy Dancer is totally crap. Sexy Synthesizer is bollocks too. I reckon the lads should have dropped the last 4 tracks from Gorgeous as it really spoils a great album. The disco disc tracks are much much better and should have been on the CD. I love Purple Dust.

Apart from that, all others are OK, some indifferent now and then but on the whole mostly top tunes, there's certainly no more dirge.
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Post by markus »

This topic has been covered before you know. Can't remember what I said though, probably Insane Lover.
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Post by PeteB »

Insane Lover was at the bottom of my list, wouldnt say i hated it. least favourite sounds better
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Post by Rodders »

I love IL! Different strokes etc.

i agree about sexy dancer and sexy synthesizer, also black morpheous.
A Gillian S
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oh come on...

Post by A Gillian S »

you sexy dancer... you sexy sexy dancer!

sorry. it holds a special place in my heart :P :wink:
808state's Tartan Army
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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

I agree as well about Sexy Dancer and Sexy Synthesizer. 106 and The Fat Shadow are crap and rather pointless. All the different re-mixes of 10x10 are crap as well.

Waiting patiently for O/T :x :wink:
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Post by SkiFamily91 »

nothing wrong with Sexy Dancer and Sexy Synthesizer, theyre not great but then again theyre perfectly listenable :wink:

The worst overall is the Fat Shadow, as it single-handedly ruins a very good album.
I also think that invader sucks as well. same with full nelson for that matter :(

And i dont like any of Newbuild AT ALL, and never have done. Im glad they didnt continue with that sort of crap. It's emotionless and annoying. I cant beleive Markus said his fave track was Flow Coma :-?

some of the state2state 2 tracks are poor, too. ie The Ten Ten (why was that renamed?), Hooked and Fuzznasty. Whenever i play that album i only ever listen to Long Orange, Kong King and Cassius because they are the only ones that i find worth listening to.

ok, thats about 15 tracks i named and shamed probably, but i have like nearly 200 others that make up for it so its ok :D
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Post by nickking »

Erm, Newbuild - crap? :-?

That was one of their most influential albums - Aphex Twin/Warp & Rephlex artists/etc swear by it!!

Okay, if you don't like the acid squelches, it may not be your cup of tea, but not crap, surely!!

Oh, and try to hear the Aphex remix of 'Flow Coma' - modernises the whole tune! :)


Nick ;)
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black morpheus is a complete work of art ,i can understand where 808 were coming from when they made this tune.its got a psychedelic side to it like no other tune ,i mean its really out there :D
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Post by edhead »

have to agree with philter on the black morpheous thing... one of my favourite tracks coz it sounded so fresh at the time, excellent jazzy break and strings ; quality.. must have inspired quite a few tracks in its time...

sexy dancer has to be the worst.. i mean, even the name doesnt cut it...

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black morpheus,top tune

Post by satan808 »

in complete agreement, black morpheus is a completely underated classic by 808, how on earth can that be crap!!!??and sexy dancer being crap as well?! of course you are entitled to your opinions but you can just hear the techno lineage in that tune (Kraftwerk anyone?), absolutely superb. sexy synthesizer on the other hand does let things down a tad,probably my least favourite along with black dartagnon which a find a bit plodding(my own opinion of course!).

the difficulty with this post is that its hard for me to pick a crap tunes because i cant think of one i HATE only one i dislike in comparison to others!
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Post by SkiFamily91 »

yes, black morpheus is an amazing track, and in my opinion Gorgeous would be nothing without it.

Nick, i have heard the AFX remix of flow coma (dl off KaZaA) and it is total shite. In general, i like some emotion so i will never have support for acid-based stuff like that. My sort of 808 tracks are Pacific, Olympic, Sunrise etc.... 8)

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Post by nickking »

Still very good tracks (Olympic, Pacific, etc)!

Ah well, we can't all like the same tracks - Newbuild tends to take me back to the early days of Acid House - getting on a bit now! :P

And, also, being a Guy Called Gerald fan, I'm probably a bit biased as that was the album he had most input on! 8)


Nick ;)
the DJ
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Crappest 808 tune

Post by the DJ »

I don't think there's crap songs just less favorite ones. My least favorite is Time Bomb. I don't think that should have been released as a single. Nimbus on its own would've been fine and in my opinion might've charted better without Time Bomb. :-?
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