just some questions..

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Only here for New Build
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just some questions..

Post by Only here for New Build »

i'm new here, and presumably the only one around from Denmark (??)
not really much of a fan of 808state (yet) - but a huge fan of New Build (except Sync/swim - hate the Seinfeld bass, still a great track...) + i have heard gorgeous at the library; sounded like a bad copy of Kraftwerk: Electric Café, with its semi-acoustic drum patterns...
any way...
Is any of the other 808state albums worth buying? -
are any of there other realese related to the super cool sound of the New Build/Let Yourself Go era? Is Quadrastate any good for a MEGA fan of New Build, or will it just be a disappointment?

Thats about it. Great page! Looking forward to the new album, will post some Danish reviews if possible...

Ohhh...is it true that the new build album was being mixed 'live' in the studio???

Over and out.

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Post by markus »

You're number 2 from Denmark, I suggest you contact old-school 808 fan Soren aka Solarex from Denmark. http://forums.808state.com/phpBB2/profi ... ofile&u=78 and

'90' is an absolutely essential album, start with that.

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Post by David »

808's work is immense and will be around for years to come-up there with the likes of Kraftwerk.

I was late onto the 808 bandwagon(about 1993).
So i started from the beginning with '90'.

Wow from the gorgeous vocals of 'magical dream' to the dodgy geezer walk sound of '808080808' to the most beatiful perfect heavenly chill out song ever-Pacific.This album is THE 'e' album-nevermind Soft cell's Non-stop erotic cabaret-it has a slow lazy groovy feel to it.

Next up the album that everyone has a copy of-every man on the street-ex:el.In Yer face still gives me a mad adrenalin rush today.It's fresh and just sheer exciting.Cubik an obvious standout too but other less well known tracks like 'Spanish Heart' (with New Order's Bernard Summer)just oozes sophistication.808 also created Bjork's single career-but she never sounded so good as here.

'Gorgeous' followed.Nimbus and Contrique are just sooo good,Plan 9 is pristine feel good sophistication that 808 are able to tap into.

'Moses' with Ian McCullogh another highlight.

The most beautiful album though is Don Solaris.I haven't heard anything like this before or since.

There is something magical in 808 for everyone no matter what genre of music you like-mental landscapes for human lives.

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Post by Mark »

Just get them all my danish friend. Each one is a classic in its own right, each one takes a different turn. Each one sounds nothing like the other, yet somehow familiar.

Thats the beauty of 808.

808state's Tartan Army
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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

I agree, each album has its own unique sound and character. As Mark says no one album is better than another because of the immense difference between them all but each have that 808 trademark.
Re: Newbuild. Sync/Swim is one of the highlights of the album in my opinion and one of my all time favourite 808 tracks which gets cranked right up whenever possible.

Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor »

By the sounds of your tastes, i'd say '90' is going to be your best choice. Most fans will agree that 90 is actually a better-produced and more coherent album than Newbuild. The maverick 'techno' ethos of Newbuild is still there, but 808 had just signed to ZTT and had aquired/had access to a pile of new synths and studio gear (i'm guessing) - meaning they were exploring the same new territory, but with higher quality machinery. The end result was an awe-inspiring collection of techno/house/ambient/breakbeat tracks - the first showing of 808's true genre-defying colours.

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