Other Side Of Midnight

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Other Side Of Midnight

Post by graham »

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LiFdvTz ... ature=plcp

The Otherside Of Midnight was a local TV show in NW England, presented by Tony Wilson
It was a platform for all things NW cultural and therefore the early UK acid house scene .
The First TV performance of Pacific State (at Granada Studios)
The above footage of Voodoo Ray is taken from WET a Hacienda Night staged at Victoria Baths (Hathersage Road)
There was another performance at Granada Studios of "Born In The North"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H6dOvQ3Qkc
which is yet to re - surface. Featuring Ed Barton, Gerald , and Colin Thorpe Hanif , Viv and me (The man in the beret / glasses in the voodoo ray clip)
Im on sample pushing , rave dancing duty . I think Colin owned the sampler (Ensoniq)

Yargo (Phil Kirby , Paddy Steer , Tony Burnside , Basil Clarke) did the programmes theme music , which was remixed by Arthur Baker
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga1OOC0B ... re=related

The Victoria Baths had a great acoustic and was the location for the recording of Feverhouse Part 4 on the Factory sound track album Feverhousehttp://www.bitingtongues.com/discogs/Fe ... /index.htm
available remastered on Compressed.http://www.bitingtongues.com/discogs/Co ... /index.htm
Its a recording on a Sony Walkman of a Pentecostal Baptism one sunday afternoon at the Baths.(no artificial reverb is used)
Some of Feverhouse is shot at a different Manchester swimming pool - Harpurhey Baths.

Heres a video of a choir from Salford in the empty pool.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ1OT0wZQzc

Barry Gibb shot a pop promo at the Victoria Baths in the mid 80s ,
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Re: Other Side Of Midnight

Post by solarex »

This is just awesome.

Just imagine that things like this happend, let alone was broadcasted on television.

Thanks for sharing.

I WISH for the Pacific performance for OSM to surface.

Like wise, I still hope that you will dig up and share the special Pacific remix used in 808 State performances i 1990/91.
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