In Yer Face Plus X13 Discovery

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In Yer Face Plus X13 Discovery

Post by DJDMISE »

Alright, so I've been going through the ex:el CD looking for tracks for my archive and
found a discovery that others might be keen to. Now, it concerns the track
"In Yer Face". Like most of the tracks on this album, it sounds real, uh, ambient.

However, if you jack the speed up to plus x13, you get a really great tune that
would have sounded great in 1987 along some of that "industrial techo" stuff
they were playing at the time in clubs (Front 242, that "New York", CCCP, etc).
"Tiny voices" voices are kept at appropriate levels IMO.

As I've been compiling my archive, I've found quite a few good tunes that fit this,
uh, rather empty genre of techno. I remember going to clubs as a teenager back
then and getting pretty annoyed that they just played the same tunes over and
over. I mean, that Front 242 album and that Nitzer Ebb album was good, then
you get that MCP footer and that CCCP footer, and then yer left with that
Eldeweis footer.

So where did THAT music go?
Well, I'm not sure, but if (for example) you take the Prodigy's "Everybody's
in the Place" and reduce the speed by -x13, you get a tune that would have
sounded good back then.

Others include:
01. Phuture--Acid Tracks (+P13)

I'm sure there's even others. I've got a friend who collects these and he sez
when he's done, he's going to host a super club night at his house. We're
gonna sit around smoking cloves and doing that crawl dance which was
popular back in the day.

Booo! to Razormaid!
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Re: In Yer Face Plus X13 Discovery

Post by SPW »

If you play 1000 Knives by YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) at 45 RPM -8 it sounds kind of like 808 State.
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