808 STATE By Phil Dudman (Mixmag.net)

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808 STATE By Phil Dudman (Mixmag.net)

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By Phil Dudman
20 March 2012



While this 25-year-old rave outfit from Manchester may take their name from the Roland TR-808 drum machine, the opening scenes at London’s cavernous Village Underground seem more inspired by opening number ‘In Yer Face’, with an onslaught of over-peaking volume and an unexpected punch to Mixmag’s head from a random fellow clubber.

The overzealous MC doesn’t help, telling a crowd of long-term fans and nostalgia junkies how each track is a definite “Tuuuuune!” But as the night progresses through the glitchy, synth-hardcore breakdowns of ‘Timebomb’, with lasers shooting across the hall, things take a turn for the better. Moments later, the scene for ‘Pacific State’ is one of 100 little screens held aloft to record the live saxophonist as he blows the classic, haunting riffs of one of dance music’s greatest tunes, while others just throw down and let the rhythm move them. But with so many electronic pioneers back on the circuit, this show needs to be in a more polished state to reach its full festival potential.

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Re: 808 STATE By Phil Dudman (Mixmag.net)

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It took over 2 months for him to say that? :P


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