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Post by Souflex »

Sorry Pete, have to let you know that this is f***in hardcore. It is very acid type music, very visual and lush. The bass lines ranges from a suzuki hyperdrive to futuristic disco, top techno funk too. It is a very complex album, taking us from one corner of Massey en co's 808state of mind to the next hyper port whereupon they leave us spinin. It is an album full of the future, and believe me the future is very bright, the future is timeless and limitless, the future is 808's. 8)

Get yer earphones on and erb oot, bass pins pumpin and particapate freely in the fantasy of 808 state! :wink: :) :D 8)

PS; Souflex rocks like a MUTHA!!

PPS; This is better than Don Solaris anyday of the week.
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Post by SkiFamily91 »

glad to hear its more mellow (from one person at least :wink: ). One other thing - does anyone know if its likely that singles will be released? Not that it matters - but i was just curious.

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Post by Mark »

OT, is quite chilled out in some areas, but in others it rocks.

I believe no singles are planned, however some info has been mentioned about an EP of new material next year, but Pete is staying tight-lipped and Graham ignored my questioning!!! Markus ain't piping up either so I suppose we'll just have to hang about as usual.
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Post by SkiFamily91 »

right, ive listened to the radio show, and thus now know three tracks. Here is my opinion:

Lemonsoul: 6/10

Crossword: 6.5/10

Suntower: 9/10

after the first two tracks i was fairly dissapointed, because i felt that they lacked any real depth - Lemonsoul was fairly dull and boring, and i can tell that its one i will usually skip when listening to the album. To quote the interview "you can either love or hate that track [Crossword]". Well its difficult to see how you can love it, but its ok i guess. It does get better towards the end, but i just dont like those vocals really.
Suntower was much better - the track's title implied that it would be a fave of mine, and it certainly has a lot to offer. I hope there's more of the same to follow on the album. :P Shame that Wheatstraw wasnt played - many people list that as one of their favorites on here.

Now all i have to do is wait for the band to come round to my house and beat the crap out of me, Jay and silent Bob style! :D
"Do you post on as Skifamily91?"
"Did you write: Fuçk Lemonsoul and Crossword, fuçk them and their stupid asses?"

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Post by Rodders »

"you are the ones who are the ball lickers.." :D

i'd only be too happy to write my opinion of the tracks if i'd heard the fuckers but being as i don't get much time to surf t'internet these days i've not yet got a promo copy. if anyone comes across one could they snap it up for me?


BTW who's definitely going to sankeys?
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Post by SteveC »

I dont think its sankeys, its a new club thats about to open.....i think. The way things are going though it probably wont be built in time...knowing 808's luck.

Ive got me ticket anyway
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Post by PeteB »

i'm going, but still waiting and waiting and waiting for carlos to tell me if he is or isnt going?

he's got a week to sort it out! if not i'm on my jack jones
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Post by nickking »

Hi Pete,

How are you getting up there?

I've checked the flights (BA seems to be the only ones who fly to Manchester), and it could be as low as 88 quid including taxes (leaving 3pm on Sunday from Heathrow and leaving Manchetser 3pm on Monday)...

Also, hotel (Jury's) are offering Ascension ticket holders a room for 44 quid...

Still a lot of money, but I could still be persuaded!

BTW, Ascension's website is open at

Also, another place to order tickets is ... ntId=18783 with the following blurb:

"Manchester's old boys host a spectacular party to launch their new album. Spread across 3 rooms this is 'one for the diary'
10PM - 2AM"

Old boys? pah!


Nick ;)
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