Outpost Delayed again?

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Outpost Delayed again?

Post by Jay_D »

I'm not sure, but according to Circus Records own website, and they are the ones releasing the album, Outpost Transmission seems to be delayed until the 9th of December now.

It says its 'In Stock' but then when you click into the production description, it says 'you can pre-order this now and you will receive it on the day of its release - the 9th of December'.

If that is the case, it's getting highly tiresome now, and I wonder if we'll ever see it released at all. I can't see it coming out before Christmas for sure, if this is true, there are bound to be more delays.

Maybe I've got it wrong, did anyone else get anymore info about its release?

Then again, Circus are putting the record out and if they say the 9th of December, then they are probably right.


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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

Oh no! Not again!
HMV says 25/11 as does Virgin Megastores. Amazon.co.uk says 11/11? for the CD and 02/12 for the release from Simply Vinyl. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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Post by Mark »

Yes, rumour has it that OT has slipped yet again, I've had rumours of 25/11 and 9/12 banded about.

It would be nice to see someone from Circus posting here, as this is the bands official site, at least they could keep Markus updated. I find it a little poor that no-one contributes to the site. At least Graham pops up now and again.

Don't get me wrong, this is the best site I've been on band-wise and Markus deserves all the credit for that, but information wise it's lacking due to no communication between people.

Its quite annoying for fans, obviously it can't be helped that OT keeps getting postponed, but at least we could be told about it first.

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promo on Ebay

Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor »

There's another promo copy going on Ebay...

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Post by David »

Now that is bad business.

How do they expect to sell it to the 'average' music buyer when no one knows when it will come out ?

Circus don't seem to understand about marketing and 'selling' a cd.

If they are not careful,OT will slip into permanent obscurity.

I mean just look at the publicity that that twat Robbie Williams is getting for his newie out tomorrow.
Half the sales are done before it is even released.
Watch it go into number 1 even though 808 have more talent in their little fingers than this twat.

808 wont get the credit again for their work.

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Outpost Delay

Post by Ancodia »

Can anyone confirm where things have got to with the album: obviously the recording is complete (Long ago!), promos have been released, but what about printing - have the discs actually been printed yet or could we get 'Doctors and Nurses' added as a bonus on the UK version considering we're having to wait so long (it doesn't even need to be added to the art work, just add it to the last track with a thirty second silence in between, making it a Hidden Track).
Markus, can you get an update from anyone at Circus?


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Post by SteveC »

I demand a 60p refund from Circus for the cost of parking to go and get the album, if they can deduct it off the total when I do buy it that would be great! :wink:

Maybe I should have checked the site first, what a fool, me thinking the album would be released today..ha!

Heres hoping the album is released before the gig as fans need to recognise the tunes to make it more of an experience.

The guy at HMV said next week but that means nothing.

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Post by nickking »

Well, when I e-mailed Simbiotic, they said that the release date is 2nd December, but that it will be posted the Friday beforehand, so I can actually receive it on the day of release!


Nick ;)

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Post by Pob »

:( This has been the biggest problem since 808 and ZTT departed company. I missed out on Invader because no shops had it. I went strolling around all the record shops in Oldham today and HMV offered me Don Solaris! OT 'wasn't on the list' of future releases. I know 808 say that they're in it for the music and not the money but it would be more helpful if the music was available to us!

Die-hard fans will wait (after all, we've been waiting since May!) but someone who just happened to catch the NME review will try to buy it on the date quoted but then forget about it if a) they can't get it and b) the record shops don't even know about it.

We've been told so many release dates now that we can't believe them any more. I'll just pre-order it from Amazon and wait until it arrives.

Thanks a lot Circus!

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OT late again

Post by Franco »

This is unbelievable.

Releases from 808 are always delayed!


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My thoughts on the matter...

Post by markus »

Yes, I’m disappointed too that it’s taking all this time for an album to be released that was ready six months ago. Somehow I was expecting it though, I remember saying to Nick in Spring: “well at least it should be out by Christmas then”, so I wasn’t far off… I suppose I’ve got used to it. Not that 808 are the only band confronted with this. Release dates frequently slip, take a look at Bjork or New Order or the Orb to name just a few.

I do find it a bit worrying that promos have been floating around for a long time and the gap between the Japanese release and the UK release is growing. It could affect UK sales. I’m not too bothered about 808 not achieving major sales figures, but I would worry about the future of 808 if the album flops terribly.

After all, in a way we should be thankful that Circus picked up 808 State, who knows what would have happened if they hadn’t. Looking at their small catalogue, my guess is that they aren’t very experienced. However they are backed by Universal, which could explain long decision making delays. And once you’ve missed your slot, you’ll have to wait for the next available slot.

The other thing that bothers me is that it’s now being released in December. Anyone remember what happened with the Invader single? For those who don’t: Invader was out on promo for months, then finally released in November, and as a result almost impossible to find. Why? Major chains don’t store ‘obscure’ records during the festive season. Shop space is reserved for the likes of Cliff Richard, Robbie Williams etc.

So no, I’m not going on a crusade against Circus, even if they don’t answer my e-mails. It’s as far as I’m going, if they aren’t interested in promoting their product through the 808 website, then that’s their choice. If they don’t join the forum, that’s their choice. Andy & Darren don’t either… So let’s be thankful that Graham does – he appreciates us in a big way, us BRAND LOYALS. Maybe their manager could also pressure the record company a bit more, I don’t know. Another person who does not answer e-mails…

Just remember the next time you hear the recording industry moaning about how the internet is responsible for the decline in sales, that it's actually the biggest opportunity for them, but if they don't take it, then their shooting themselves in their own feet...

Having said all that, it does look like it’s being released in December, and I do hope that you regulars will go out and buy it just like me, even if you’ve got the Japanese release in the meantime. Life after Outpost Transmission? Let’s get Outpost out of the way first!

And if Outpost does finally hit the streets in December, it looks like the ‘release party’ in Manchester, the third one of it’s kind, could actually be the proper one.

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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

Amen to that. 8)

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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

I have pre-ordered it from Amazon and I'll just have to wait and see how long it is before I get it.

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