Crispy Ambulance - Compulsion - Record Store Day 2015

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Crispy Ambulance - Compulsion - Record Store Day 2015

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Out on Record Store Day on 18th April 2015 (vinyl album limited to 500 copies with a download code), a new album from Crispy Ambulance produced by Graham (who also adds synth lines to the track "WMTP.2").

(press release taken from

Factory Benelux \ Crispy Ambulance \ Compulsion [FBN 54]

In some respects Compulsion is the album Crispy Ambulance might have made in 1982 after The Plateau Phase, with six of the eight tracks written and performed live at that time. To these are now added Rain Without Clouds, a previoulsy unreleased outtake from The Plateau Phase newly restored from the original multitrack masters, and WMTP.2 with added synth lines by producer-cum fifth member Graham Massey (of 808 State and Biting Tongues).

Almost uniquely, Crispy Ambulance has retained the same line-up since the group was founded in 1978: Alan Hempsall (vocals, keyboards), Gary Madeley (drums), Robert Davenport (guitars) and Keith Darbyshire (bass).

"There's a sense of feeling compelled by irresistible forces," explains Alan Hempsall. "Compulsion is an apt way to describe our constant urge to go back and make music with people we've known since childhood. While the world may have changed, our music continues to be the product of the same influences - the passing of time, the changing of the seasons, the content of our sleeping dreams, and the existence of space."


1. Rainforest Ritual
2. Say Shake
3. Nightfall Ends the Ceasefire
4. At the Sounding of the Klaxon
5. WMTP.2
6. Rain Without Clouds
7. Lucifer Rising
8. Open, Gates of Fire

A limited edition of 500 vinyl copies for Record Store Day 2015 with free download. Cover image by Peter Staessens.


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Re: Crispy Ambulance - Compulsion - Record Store Day 2015

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A nice album, but I wasn't happy having to pay 35 Euro for it. It's not 180 grams, it's not coloured, there's no CD included, it's not a double album. Who comes up with these prices?

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Re: Crispy Ambulance - Compulsion - Record Store Day 2015

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now there will be a CD version with 2 extra tracks -Someone needs to explain record day to me

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