Save album till next year

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Save album till next year

Post by SteveC »

OK, we all want to see 808 release the new album ASAP but there comes a time when you have to say, for your own sakes and to achieve maximum exposure and most sales as possible, isn't it best to put off releasing the album until February. As the album is 'Out there' and 'in the know' already is it not best to use this period for extra promotion etc.

It would be a shame for the album to be completely ignored 'just because its christmas'.

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Post by the DJ »

I think, sadly, I have to agree as well. If the record is released now it's going to get lost in the Xmas rush, and traditionally (to my knowledge) January is a poor month for record sales due to obvious reasons (Xmas spending etc.). Perhaps this extra time could also be used, as well as for promotion, but also to release a single perhaps before the album release. If it was to be put off for a few months, I see a single as being good way of keeping the fans sweet whilst waiting for the album. 8)

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i suppose your right .but i dont really want to wait till february let alone dec,and i suppose its selfish to say it but i dont really care what joe public listen to coz for all i know they might put their cd in a rack next to some manufactured pop idol no doubts gathering dust

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